Monday, September 26

CBT Negativity

Over the years i have become a very negative person with myslef, disbeleiver ect, this is down to the verbal abuse from my brother, father and bullies at school, all along the lines of your fat, your hairy (i had a undiagnosed medical condition as a child) My father once told me i had puppy fat, trouble was it was a St Bernard Puppy,, one huge dog, at the time yes hit hurt and no i wasn't fat

This is a St Berndard Puppy

although its a sweet puppy they grow into huge dogs.. but i can say that the Therapy is helping, there are lots i can see why things happened and why i feel like i do, but the aim is to stop being negative with myself and eventully lean to deal with pain to get my dental treatment done,

Just pretty sad I allowed my brother to get away with it, which ended in my fella walking all over me too but things are changing for the better,,

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