Monday, September 26

The past Month has been a bit of a Blurr really, my youngest Josh, started back to school at the beginning of Sept, his a big boy now, age 5 and year 1 here Josh has settled in very well at school, his very quite, but he does love to read his books when he comes home. Last week my eldest Charlie started College he goes to Moulton..He has Chosen to do Agriculture level 2 as he did well in his GCSE exams.. Which I am so Proud as he has had educational support since the age of 5. You May ask why Agriculture, well it's been in his dads family for a few years, Charlie's grandad who he no longer sees (due to family crap) was a pig farmer for many many years, and Charlies own dad worked on a local farm from the age of 14 until 22, so Charlie wants to carry on, but we do not own a farm,, then next step for him is to get a placement on a farm so he can get some knowledge too..I am working on that now, but its not easy..

me, well I am doing well, I have been referred to have some CBT thats congnigtive Behavourial Therapy and nothing to do with the motorcycle testing..

will update on seperate post

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