Thursday, March 22

Being Single

It Been almost 8 weeks since me and the boys moved here, and to be honest it feels more like 6 months, not sure if thats a good thing or not, but its a sure sign that my previous relationship was well and truly over. Routines are very hard at the moment but i am sorting those out with college transport so to avoid to much upheaval for the youngest, oh and Milage of course..

The boys seems to have settled really well too, Charlie classes here as his home but Josh does miss his dad and gets upset when he can't get to seem him for various reasons, usually like dad working away more than normal but i am sure he will in time accept this...

Me I am doing very well, not really had a social life as yet as we tend to do stuff as a family, and i love twitter too i have so many friends on there even though i have hardly met any of them and the ones i have i had known pre twitter.. I have found great pleasure in listening to online radio which is mentioned below but here it is again go try it when you can..

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