Friday, March 23

Pure Talent

Way Back in September when i started Listening to my favourite internet radio show known as 2ndcityradio I learned about a great talented Musician called John Harrison, he comes from Black Country, Dudley near Birmingham, Now I had not heard of this great guy before, well at least i don't think so, unless as a small child and visiting the Black Country with my parents.. But Something seems very family about this great guy so i have kept a low profile for a while, and listened to the music played on the radio then checked out his website which you can find here at

This Man is Amazing, Awesome Even, back in the 80's he was in a well known group called 'Scarab' where he was the vocalist (singer) and frontman of the group and later became Madrid, But John has gone it alone when he writes and sings his own songs, plus he has a great talent for poetry too.. i am not going to put the links up for his poetry as you can get it all on his website above.. but if you visit John Harrisons Page on 2ndcityradio you can get to listen to some of his songs there and listen for yourself and what a talented man he his.. I Have 2 of Johns lastest albums 'pride without Prejudice' and @The Art of Deception' which are availble to by on Johns website Here..

This is his latest single a Cover version this time of 'Aint no Sunshine' hope fully you can hear this on soundcloud there will be a seperate post for that..

The Reason I am doing this for John is that he is a truly amazing man, funny too when you know him like i have begun too through the likes of 2ndcityradio, facebook and twitter, but not only that i know what hard word goes into producing your own work, my nephew is doing just the same, it takes, blood, sweat, tears, not to mention the cost involved, and the sheer determination to get yourself out there and noticed.. so guys for me those that do read this then please help me promote John, listen to him for yourself, his got a wonderful voice in my opinion, and help spread his work. He is on all the social networks but i wont put them here as i dont want him bombarded with time wasters..

thanks for reading guys and do it for me please

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