Saturday, February 23

Family Tree Research

Hi All, yes i know its been a while, but i have been a little busy of late.. with school, work and also school Hols this week.. Yesterday I had a day to myself. that's not to rare on a Friday but it was a school holiday and that is rare.. So i decided to do some research into my family tree, and this involved me going to a records office in the next county, so was about an hours drive away.. I am at the moment doing research into my dads parents side of the family, both Maternal (mums side) and Paternal (dads side) of his family,, i do have a fair bit of research on his dads mums (my grandad's mums side) so i was continuing on the male side the paternal side, my dads dad.. (My granddad's dad) i did know a little bit about him some time again after some research i had done years ago, but then i came to a stumbling block called Time Closure.. some records that are sent to the records office are not allowed to be viewed for 75 to 100 years from a certain date.. so i had to be patient and just carried on with other members of the family tree, I have done my kids dads side (as he was my partner for 26 years and did a lot of it for him and for my kids as they have his name) then i started my side, first i did my mums, which i found living cousins, that she never knew she had, plus places relatives lived ect but what i do find interest is my dads side, i have a connection, it's My family name, i loved my grandad and sense he is with me now even though his been dead some 32 years, but i feel he has looked after me and my family so i wanted to find his parents for him, now i found his mums grave and place of residence 2 years ago, i have her final resting place.. ect, but i was desperate to find where her husband was buried, my paternal gt granddad.. I have almost got there,, i know about his working life, and about his illness and about his death, i know what church he is buried at but at what plot i have no idea until i contact the right people,, may need the records office again or the church records them selves.. but time ran out and normal day resumed... Well when i got to the records office i had to provide evidence of who i was, and was given a readers record card.. this lasts 4 years so i can go to any records office and look at records,, and boy i have a lot to look for so will need it.. once booked it i was given some help in where and what to find what i needed, so first port of call was the work my gt granddad did, and he was a police Constable and i already knew that, but to actually have a book in front of me with his Job application and his work and pay history was kind of unreal.. the emotions that went through me where OMG poor man,, and wow he really did exist, he was a real person.. but his work life was vary sad, which made me sad.. my great granddad never made it about constable level 3 the basic level well he did make 1 several times but then got demoted again, and this was because he was an alcoholic, drunk on duty and this went on for 27 years.. he got fined, demoted, raised and promoted only to be demoted and find, he was also moved from village to village but there was always a pub and always drunk,... he was forced into retirement on ill health, there is was talk of dementia, paralysis, and mental illness.. I have taken photos off all i saw as they were too big for photo copies. but i am not allowed to put them on here for you to see, but they are my records.. My gt granddad was sent to a lunatic asylum.. he was very ill mental, and dementia and possibly a danger to himself,, who know's what it was but there was mention of Syphilis being caught.. he did have 6 children in his time his younger two who were my granddad and my gt aunt never really knew their dad, he was put in the Asylum just after my granddad tuned 5 and his younest daughter my gt aunt was 2 and he died about being in nearly a year my granddad himself was not even 6.. By this time i really felt for my gt granddad what had he gone through why was he drinking, what caused it but i also felt for his wife, my granddads mum and a single mum to 6 all be it some were older and in their 20's and probably helped to look after her and the babies.. i think she lived into her late 70's early 80s and she died of brittle bones.. and early cancer,, one of the first.. and yes i have records of that too,, So right now i am reflecting a bit,, but i will find the plot to his resting place and go see him like i did his wife and i can lay them to rest and be reunited in my mind they are together again, and my granddad is with me helping me.. i will let you know how i get one..

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