Wednesday, October 5

Things are on the up

Never really know how to start my blog but here goes, things with CBT are going rather well, as in me getting a little more assertive with people, but it is also very scary time for me too, i have been stuck in the passive for so long that to think of different ways or to tell people how you really feel is quite hard, and at times i find my brain does this magic trick with me and makes pretty flashing lights inside my brain when i try to sleep, rather like its making new connections or something, also things have been hidden for so long i am now facing them,, the downside is my partner is not too keen on a more vocal me but he did say last night that he may not like some things i say but its his problem and not mine, and if it helps me to tell him what i feel or think then its better for me just to say it even if he dont like it, but i have noticed that his been sighing lots just lately..

oh and what is assertiveness, see this PDF here it makes some tough reading sometimes

I have also started a maths course for adults, its called Brush up on your maths run by the local colleges/councils I have been put in for a level 2 City and Guilds and yes i know i can do this level, and its very good to know that my brain is still working and not just baby mush that i first thought. But i do know i need to do a English course too.. so will start looking soon..

Charlie is settling well into college life although it is a rather long day for him and his totally shattered at the end of the day but its doing him the world of good..


Farmers Wifey said...

Nice to meet you, your newest follower here!

Posh Totty said...

Pleased to read that things are starting to look up for you at last, keep it up you are doing great Xx