Wednesday, October 26


I just love Twitter, I did join up some years ago but never really got into it, but as FB (Facebook) seems to be dying a slow and painful death i have returned to twitter,, and it's great, i know i do have some lovely friends who have found some stuff i say a little shocking if not very tarty, but I can be me, and most of the people there are total strangers who follow me and i follow back.. and No one juges me for the things i say, there is a side to me that has been hidden for many years and since therapy i have chilled and relaxed a little.. Does it matter if i get my boobs out for Charity, or tweet to some very handsome men or very pretty ladies and have a great laugh.. there is no reason why i should think about what others think about the stuff i write,, so for now i will just carry on being me as i like it.. if you want to follow me then go here and add me

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