Saturday, February 11

New Start

What can i say really, its a new start, new approach to life for me. Me and the boys moved into out new house well not really new its a old council house rented of course, but we have been in it 2 weeks today,. And already it feels like home, ok i do need to get some curtains up but its no real big issue,

Charlie also turned 17 on the 7th and boy what a man he is now, as yet we have not booked any driving lessons yet but we will do very soon, and god there so expensive,, not really sure how his birthday went as he now has single parents but it went ok I think.

Josh is also doing ok, a bit of a monkey at times but it must be hard for a 5 year old to take on board that your parents no longer live together.. He is doing very well at school his reading is comming on in leaps and bonds.

As from Monday its school holidays for a week so not sure what were going to do, but i would like to take them both to see the New Muppet movie at the cinema next week

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