Monday, November 26

Tweeter/Blogger knowns as Single_Man_75

Not sure if i am doing the right thing here, but i hope so,, just lately my blogs have been about tweeters i have come across on twitter. The person in question is only known to me as Single man 75 he tweets and a fellow blogger to, which i so love to read about... with this is about the anonymous man on twitter, Yes he is single and has been for some time,. despite the poor love being let down by several woman but this blog is not about his dating as he has his own blog for that,, Anyway... Single man is Single man 75 by name for his own reasons which we all respect.. What i have picked up on over the months since following Single man 75 is His a very fit runner, tri althlete, has slight OCD by his own addmission he adores his 2 children and they adore him.. and he is one heck of a great single dad.. There are times when he gets given a hard time for one reason or other, wether its hassle at his works or some nasty comment somewhere, but we all know when his had a good or bad day..
If you do actually read my blog single man 75 yes this blog is about you and what a great person i think you are, and what a great job you are doing with your kids, yes its hard to date when you have children, i know i cant even think about it with a 11 year gap with my kids.. i know we dont tweet one another that much but i felt i should say that i think you a top man, and top dad and actually proud of you and i don't even know you.. But carry on doing what your doing and your children will land on their feet with a very proud dad behind them (and a proud mum also) i know parenting children is between 2 parents whether they're together or Single and I know you are doing the best for you children.. well I best not go on too much but see for youself see his blog here The Life of a Single Man His twitter is Single_Man_75

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