Monday, November 26

Oliver King and Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS)

As You know that i am a user of twitter and from time to time something jumps up at me as important.. or Very important and even I must do that.. Well today that just happened.. I saw a retweet from a follower about @TheOKFoundation so i click on the Avi and see that is a account about a young lad called Oliver King.. and that he had died from a condition called Sudden Arrythmic Death Syndrome or (SADS).. The reason this Jumped up to me is that my own son has a congenital heart defect which is something we have known about for years and he has surgery to correct.. With Poor oliver King (Picture below)
I WAS VERY DIFFERENT he had a healthy heart, no condition at all.. and he died very suddenly at the age of 12 during a swimming lesson at school,, his poor parents must be beside themselves.. But the Parents have sent up a foundation to raise awarenes and set up a petition (part of the wording here We call on the Government to introduce defibrillators to all public buildings by 2017, and provide staff with the appropriate training. We also call on the Government to offer all people aged between 12 & 35 a simple ECG test, which could reduce the current death rate of 12 young people a week.s and set up a petition To me this is a very importing petition to sign and one of the reason I am doing this blog is to hope that you will sign the petition also as it can save lives.. As you know there are many sport personalitys who have suddenly died from the same thing and this would help them also.. and prevent early and unnessary deaths.. This is the Petition The Olive King Foundation e-Petition Please click and sign and pass it on to everyone in your e-mail box, twitter account and facbook also.. Please take a look at their website The Oliver King Foundation You can go and like their Facebook page too The Oliver King Foundation Facebook So get to it readers plese Sign now they need to get to 100,000 but need 75days to get 75,000 signatures to get it into the house of Commons for discussion.. The reason why its so important is that this can happen to anyone...

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