Thursday, October 25

Driving Lessons When you have a Learning Disability

MY Son of 17 started learning to drive back in June 2012 after he tuned 17 in the February before, No nothing odd in that, but my son was born with major heart defect which needed surgery to correct and ever since has suffered with various forms of Learning disabilities. His Main Problems are Short Term Memory Delay, reading and writing well below his peers about 10 years behind, processing skills and sometime cordination too,. well his dad insisted he learned in a manual car, which i can understand why but never felt he could cope with that, despite being able to learn to drive a semi automatic tractor and a digger and a forklift the last to were at his dads place of work and dad showed him, the Tractor was at college.. Driving a car is much different on the roads so much going on,, well after 4 months of weekly lessons we have had to change to a Automatic Car and a new driving instructor who teaches special needs adults with all forms of disabilites, which to be fair is a friends husband but in a different county but his happy to take my Oldest.. But i sit here worrying if he every will grasp everything thats goinf on,, other road users, padestrians, ect with his processing problems... So i have to sit back and allow him to see for himself or to give him the chance.. If he does Pass then that sets a whole new Challenge, me at least changing my manual car for a auto is not going to be easy on benefits and his dads not happy about him driving a automatic whats so ever and cant understand why he cant learn in manual after he does the auto test,.. the Point is his dad does not understand his sons disabilities, Never has and never will.. Insurance will be £177 on top of mine month too,, which his dad may pay but so far is he better get a Job, which wont be easy when his at college 34 days a week with a disability and Jobs not too great.... Althouh this does stress me out I will not let it get to me until such times as its needed.. Well Better go now.. will write again soon

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