Thursday, November 15

Back to Hospital

Some of my Readers my know this hospital very well, others my not so well.. for those who do not know, its a very famous children's hospital to where my eldest son has been attending the past 17 years, if you read my blog you will know why,, it not it was because he was born with a Congenital Heart Defect which needed open heart surgery,, and yes for most part he has done very well, his had his problems but his my son and very proud of him too.. a few months back my Charlie had to under go some tests, MRI, EXERCISE TESTS, ECHO, ECG 24 HOUR BP.. all this is in readiness for transfer to Adult Care, a different hospital.. Not sure how i feel about that as GOSH as been our life line for many years, but yes i know his grown up, and probably needs to move away from the babies in the hospital,, I am also very aware that many don't make it to adult care so i feel relieved that his has, but sad that my friends children have not.. But Next Thurs day we go back to GOSH may be for the last time for the outcome of his tests, I do know 2 things, his leaky heart valve has got worse its gone from a mild leak (past 12 years been mild) to a Moderate leak :-( and his Blood Pressure has gone up,, 80% of his BP tests showed higher than normal BP... So as you can tell i am worried, the letter said the heart function was good which is good but i am still WORRIED,, are they going to do anything with regard to BP, the leaky valve i doubt it, but i am still preparing for bad news as i had being hit with bad news... They may move him lock stock and barrel to new Adult care with all his problems and let them deal with it,, But i just don't know and that's taking me away from my comfort zone.. but I will know next week and i will let you know too.. But i am also sad to say bye to a great hospital too, and feel i should take something, as a good bye what what? really it needs to be a donation of some kind.. will have to think of that one

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