Monday, November 19

Just Iwan Thomas MBE

If you are a reader of my Blogg then you will know that I am a user on Twitter @Deb1sassy and for about a year now i have been using twitter on a daily basis, whether its to vent my anger at something, or just tweet constant rubbish, or just banter.. And yes i am an Nosy sod too at times, I follow 888 people and have 979 follow me back, yes i do have some celebs mostly comedians and a few sports personalities esp since the olympic games and I have had one of the rowers follow me back but i dont do it for the follow back but its always nice to be recongised.. I have had Permission to write this so i hope that covers some pics too, if not i am in a heap of shit,, anyway one of the best sports personalities is Iwan Thomas MBE if your my age you will know him for his great tallent for his 400 meters for which is has many medals, or if your young then the BBC ONE SHOW.. I wont write them here as you can see them on various sites but its not about his running career or his TV career its about the Man i see on my twitter timeline..
Now Iwans Twitter is real, it's him, and its his views only but what i will say is he is a really nice guy and funny too.. I came Across Iwans Twitter Account when a ReTweet came on to my Time line with regard to a photo of a very naughty granny and NO i wont find the picture.. and I followed him.. Considering Iwan is 4 years younger than me he is a very fit man and very good looking. And puts me to shame. But he has the ability to make me laugh with his pictures.. he tweets, his day to day life like any one of us and yes its interesting some of this work that he tweets about as well as photos of his day Job.. He has days like the rest of us of being grumpy or in a mood But i think with his followers on twitter we can get him out of it. I have noticed also that his followers love to tweet him pics too some get re tweeted to me and i love the 1% look a likes, which means they look nothing like the person really but even a 1% likeness is funny.. One of these days he may turn of for coffee/tea or a cooked breakfast but his always busy so I doubt it, and sure as heck would surprise me if he did.. I Have just had to come back and edit my blog a tad as a reader has reminded me about something on Iwans cheekyness, he is a great mind of #RubbishJokes thats makes me and the rest of us Laugh, Iwans ability to take #sneaky photos of anything and anyone he comes across, and he has this lovely clothes which most of it he refers to as #Naughtyclobber which is often something tight about his persons but we all love Iwan for him and not because of his Sporting accolaides.. triumphs well if want to see for yourself what a great man he is then you can find him here on his website and on Twitter @Iwanrunner

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