Tuesday, November 20

Right Said Fred

As you can see from the Title this blog is my personal view of Fred and Richard Fairbrass the two brothers known to many of us as Right Said Fred.. Like many of you who read this blog we first heard of Right Said Fred with I'm Too Sexy back in 1991 when i was 21 great year and great song by 2 very fit men :-) and i was hooked and there were many more Tunes and Albums released.. but whilst i could go on and on about there Musical stuff this is more about the Men i have followed on Twitter for some time now when i was sent a #FF from my Internet DJ friend over at 2ndcityradio.net who are great friends so i gave them both a follow.. and No i am not one to beg for any personality to follow back if they do its great if not its there choice.. But on places like twitter you get to know Them, I mean Fred and Richard as normal People and Not Fred and Richard the Stars.. Both Men are very funny with a bit sarcasm thrown in, and i must admit it's Fred who does tweet the most and its anything from his day in the recording studio to his travelling experiences to and fro from his Home in Barcelona to London UK which he does very often so he and Richard can sort all the Recordings out or other interesting fun stuff they do in meetings even write new material.. The Newest will be there online Christmas Animated Single which i am looking forward too. and to see their beloved Mum (She must be one Proud mum, i know i would be if they were my sons) Poor Fred must be shattered..
Now Richard He does seem very different to Fred in the aspects of not getting on well with Technology maybe its a not wanting to or not needing too really but either way it doesn't matter he can and does tweet but Richard is more into Politics or the rights and wrongs of politics to be precise but he is still a very funny man, i would say he was the more serious one of the two but as this is my personal view of both i could have that totally wrong,, so forgive me.. But i am sure both are up for a laugh and a wind up too..and pretty sure both can be big kids too especially in the Studio the place where they are most at ease.. I have also heard Richard on his Live interviews on 2ndcityradio and his such a down to earth person whith a filthy laugh too..
I dont expect you to take my word for it but if you are on Twitter i suggest you go follow @TheFreds and @RFairbrass but also if you go and visit their webpage here you can also see links to the various websites that they are on too.. As far as their Music goes it always has been great, fun, lively and entertaining and will be about for a long time yet.. This is one of my favourites. You're My Mate

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